Recurse Center: week 2, day 1

Got to RC in time for late-kinda-reading-Learning-Python, but that’s the earliest I’ve ever made it in so far. Practice.

This DID mean, however, that I was here in plenty of time for morning sitting!

Dove right into Learn CLI the Hard Way, for the second time (I did a bit last week, but didn’t feel focused about it). Amazing how much faster it goes when I already know most of it. There are still a few things I want to really drill so they’re just available in my brain if I think about them, but there aren’t many. Rad.

Spent too long looking for where to get lunch today (got a bunch of awesome food this weekend and planned some lunches; left it all at home). But settled on Wild Ginger, which has the advantage of being SUPER close.

`find` is the freaking coolest thing I have learned about on the command line. Also, using our friend `>`, I made a list of all the photos on my hard drive containing the word “soon” as part of their name. Eee.

Too much post-lunch time yakking, but I made more tea (becoming a daily habit here) and talked about the generalities of What Is Agile Even (among many other things) with Wes and Panya.

Broke my brain reading man-pages for things like `find` and `less` (which 1) is huge, 2) has all kinds of hilarity to me, like the environment variable LESSSECURE, and the env variable LESS_IS_MORE, which makes `less` behave more like `more`, which just sounds giggle-worthy)).

Actually finished running through LCLItHW (or however it’s abbreviated), which felt good. I finished a thing! Even if it was going through a thing, and that feels like a cheating version of “finishing” something to me.

Finally got my system-wide (i.e. “not virtualenv”) IPython updated, which is something I’ve been putting off for months, if not longer (I went from v. 2.1.0 => 3.2.1). Got an error that I tried to google:

OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/IPython/'

And TRIED to avoid sudo-ing the upgrade of IPython, but I eventually gave in. And the upgrade worked beautifully.

Picked up Learn Python the Hard Way again. I’ve worked on it a couple times before, but never finished it. I am going to finish it this time, and then see where I’m going from there.

The less I focus on what other people might think of what I’m choosing to work on, the more I get done.

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