Recurse Center: week 2, day 2

Got in even earlier and spent some time reading Learning Python. That book is a beast, but I don’t feel as threatened as I usually do by gigantic books.

Meditation group is the best.

I think I spent almost an hour post-check-in spinning my wheels, but I did make a couple cups of green tea & got my Pinhead key registered (that kind of “important, not urgent” thing that’s so easy to put off forever). I’m blaming this on my check-in statement that “yesterday was a day of really good focus, so I want to just continue that today.” Welp.

Went back to LPTHW (went through exercise 3 yesterday), got interrupted by (i.e. interrupted myself with) everything (including this excellent article that came up in chat:

Had a short lunch (I had leftovers! I brought bonus food from home!) followed by an unintentionally long visit to Muji downstairs, which is downright magical. Whoops! On the plus side, I finally have some good little paper flags, which was what I originally went in for. On the downside, I now covet a bunch of beautiful functional things I don’t technically need…

Went to Tom’s terminal whispering talk, and took several moments to notice that something seemed familiar, and a lot longer to realize I had actually literally been to his talk at PyCon on, uh, terminal whispering. Regrettably, this meant I spent most of his talk falling down internet rabbit holes, but I did ask for some help resolving an error afterwards. Turns out something has to be running for a socket to connect to it.

Described a whole lot of Trip Island to Sam after she, well, tripped on a bunch of cords that are around the couches/one of the standing tables. It’s actually a metaphor that extends beautifully. There’s a beach. There’s a snake meadow.

Got through LPTHW exercise 14, swapping in `.format` stuff (still) instead of the older %s or %r formatters. (If you’re curious, you can dig around here:

Then headed out to Puzzled Pint in Brooklyn, which I knew sounded familiar, and it turns out it was because a friend used to be involved (see the very bottom). Of course Matthew was the puzzler. I will always wish I’d gotten to know him better, but I like doing little things to keep people’s spirits close at hand.

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