Recurse Center: week 11, day 3

Many successes today! Just not so much programmatic ones.

Went on a supportive-distraction and also “well hey, as long as there’s an event going on” trip to the Birchbox store with a bunch of women from my check-in group. (I LOVE coffee-walk checkins so, so much. One of the highlights of my day. We just, uh, made it last longer today.) Everyone in there was so happy and friendly and themselves-seeming. Surprisingly fun, and I got a free vegan pistachio ice cream cone (!!).

Was also reminded that I want to check out the Littlebits store before we leave. (It was on the way!) Haven’t yet been, but it looks like a blast.

Resolved to do Not The Thing Stressing Me Out, and while I’ve been pretty successful at that today (I almost forgot I also had a Grownup Ball Pit Appointment upstairs today), it does mean that I think I had an ice cream cone for lunch. Whoops.

I do feel a lot calmer, though. There is time enough (probably) for all these things I want to do. (Just maybe not at RC.) And I will not win any prizes by making myself miserable instead of having fun.

Forgot all about coloring club, called it late anyway, and had some good conversations (related to coloring!) about knot theory and programming languages and costume ideas. We ended up on another quest outdoors and got food from a DELICIOUS vegan place I hadn’t tried yet (by Chloe). There exists beet ketchup in the world, and it is beautiful and delicious. Sometimes lunch is at 6 pm, and also artful and nourishing.

Turns out the day was more about people than computers. This feels like a trend, and it worries me, but the worry isn’t so productive. Maybe I can ditch it.

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