Recurse Center: week 11, day 2

Last night I was up super late, but ended up having a really great evening with a bunch of RC women in a ridiculously nice apartment with a ridiculously nice roof deck (see, for instance, me as a unicorn. Um, the horn is the Empire State Building, by the way).

self.Empire State Unicorn() #recursecenter

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(And to be clear, the building had a roof deck, not the apartment.)

Afterwards, I also had my first “I’m the only person in RC right now!!!” moment, which was weird and kind of magical. Nearly all the lights were off, except one dim one in a side room, and a constantly fluctuating LED strip that painted faint rainbows on the wall.

Anyway. Today, I mostly had a day where I stressed really hard about not figuring out a path forward with my map things, and it messed up things like “eating food in a calm way,” despite the fabulous lunchtime walk I took, so maybe this isn’t the best way forward for now. I spent a bunch of time coveting soldering irons and other awesome electronics stuff, so maybe I’ll just have to bite the bullet and dive into that soon. Adafruit is SO COOL.

In the evening, I went with Nathan to see Jane McGonigal speak at the New York Public Library, which was amazing and impactful and I made sketchnotes and almost burst into tears when she talked about post-traumatic growth & its effects (also content warning/#tw: ideation-y stats about traumatic brain injuries on the left):

Got a copy of her new book, and got it signed to both of us. Commitment!

I would like to feel okay about the next week and a half, but it feels like it’s going so fast.

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