Recurse Center: week 1, day 3

More bike misadventures; I got to morning sitting even later than yesterday — and it was fine again, of course. Even thought a little about my breathing this time! It’s such a nice way to start the day, and I can see myself doing this almost every morning.

What else?

  • Asked Liz about a book she’d mentioned during morning check-ins, since she said she’d “read a book” yesterday — it’s a nice little book about asking useful data questions, and I look forward to tearing through it at some point. Apparently I inspired her to try a library afternoon yesterday — just, like, go to the bookshelves, pull off whatever sounds good, read it unless it turns out to be boring.
  • Got to Tom’s “first day” tune-up workshop, and finally actually cleared out ALL my `brew doctor` errors, which might not have happened since a few years prior. So satisfying! And really nice to hear people saying “I don’t know” when they don’t know, yet not letting that be a stopping point.
  • Updated all the software. Just. All of it. XCode, command line tools, OS X itself, everything.
  • Longer-than-intended, but awesome, lunch at Buddha Bodai with several folks. Yay vegan Chinese food! Came back to a super-updated computer and more tea.
  • Did a little more .bash_profile/.bashrc tweaking, and whatever else looked good from the RC tune-up doc.
  • Attempted to start connect4, realized my brain refused to stay on task, and did some more codingbat. Might be a nice little code-meditation to do early in the day — I have a really hard time starting to work in the mornings.
  • Spent some time starting in on Learning Python, the glorious beast of a book. My copy just arrived today, and maybe now I will join morning “reading this book” club…
  • Trackpad demons inhabited my computer, prohibiting me from doing things like “moving the mouse as intended,” and facilitator Mary helped me exorcise them.
  • Played with TurtleWorld again — got seriously stuck with what should have been a slight change, since it caused my previously lovely circles to get GIANT and incomplete. After copying the book’s example code to a test file, confirming that it wasn’t the book code that was broken, and then comparing the differences, I figured out that it was due to the angle of each turn being an integer, rather than a more precise float. Had set my “I’m stuck” timer earlier, since the facilitators encourage asking for help after 15 minutes of being stuck (struggle for a bit, but don’t struggle forever), and it had six seconds left on it. Yay!

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