Recurse Center: week 1, day 2

  • Came early to join morning meditation/sitting group. Decided that sitting still for however long we’re sitting is my goal, and discarded all worries about not “clearing my mind.” Reminded of Buster Benson’s “meditation is doing nothing and seeing what happens.” At least I think that’s how I heard that line!
  • Morning check-in: I didn’t get much done yesterday, and no one finds this unusual or remarkable. Palpable relief.
  • Finished yesterday’s blog post, wrote my 750words for the day. Write all the things.
  • Spent some more time with the RC User’s Manual,  discovering I have previously missed some parts (I’ve read them now!).
  • Pomodoro: 25 min working sprints (“pomodoros”)/5 min breaks, with 15 min breaks after every 4 pomodoros, because that’s the default on my favorite Pebble app
  • Lunch at Butcher’s Daughter — really good vegan grilled cheese with adzuki bacon (???) and basil and and and. Mostly this is relevant because I remembered to eat, and tried something new independently.
  • Came back and finally got back to Think Python — picked up chapter 4 and playing around with swampy. I am actually super delighted by playing with turtles right now, so turtles it is.
  • Collaboratively incited conversation about near and not-near vegan food, and drafted up a wiki page for the RC wiki.
  • Worked through the difference between parameters & arguments again. Parameters are like the Socratic ideal, and arguments are like the actual chicken? Parameters are the class, and arguments are the instances? I’m not sure I have a good analogy yet, but I’m working on it.
  • Spent another late afternoon in the magic library corner, picking up books about Python, but nothing stuck as much as the conversations I ended up having about…something?
  • Went out for dinner with some folks, and then came back for movie night (a bit late, but oh well): we watched A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, which was awesome.

2 thoughts on “Recurse Center: week 1, day 2”

  1. Hey Liene,

    I never thought of parameters as the class and arguments as the instance, but I think it is a good analogy, partly because it works both ways, e.g., a class is the parameter and an instance is the specific argument!


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