Recurse Center: week 8, day 1

Missed check-ins (again); this did, however, give me a good opportunity to talk with Seth about being slightly late, and also feelings vs. programming (or feelings AND programming?) at RC. (The things you can talk about when waiting for water to boil!) In conversations I keep having with Recursers and alums, I am struck over and over by how often people cite the emotional component of RC as the (or a) part that was really important for them. The programming part is important, and it’s an amazing programming community, but this is also an intense experience feelings-wise. That’s not bad; it just encourages certain kinds of personal development in a way that I’m not used to. It’s hard. And I like it.

I also had feelings about check-ins in general and had a really good chat with facilitator Allie about last week and this week. She also has a rad keyboard, and talked me through a little bit of how to get started on my super mega dream sidewalk stamp project. The sun is shining. Maybe this is the week I start on that, just a little bit.

Played in the amazing ball pit upstairs (Jump In!); it’s going for a month, and it just started Friday, and it’s all but sold out already. And it rules. It’s exquisitely hard to get back up again, once you’re far down enough, but it is super fabulous. I jumped and swam and was generally ungraceful, and it was a blast. Went with a bunch of other RC folks, and then there were a couple people we didn’t know with a selfie stick. Takes all kinds.

Having a heck of a time focusing on ANYTHING. Tom asked me twice today if I wanted to pair on anything or if I had any questions, and the second time he said “weather” and my brain went “YOU WANTED TO PLAY WITH THE DARK SKY API” and anyway now I have a tiny little Python script that pulls weather from Dark Sky, and it’s a little fabulous. I’m going to make it fancier.

Also, he got me to try BPython, and it’s kind of amazing and magic.

Mostly continued bouncing off the walls of distractibility, but didn’t have to go anywhere for the Monday night talk (thanks, gas leak at eBay?), and new resident Li Haoyi’s talk was informative, hilarious, and a lot of fun. I would easily go see Haoyi speak somewhere now, regardless of the topic, just to watch him present.

Got my new laptop stand, but not my keyboard. Ordered the awesome one that Allie has and paid a few bucks extra for one-day shipping, because the future is weird. Looking forward to having a reasonable and healthy standing solution.

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