Recurse Center: week 7, day 4

Morning was handwaving in the shape of general malaise. Decided to use my “can’t even” levels of energy to run some errands, even though it took ages for me to drag myself out of the house. Got some black shoes (woman at shoe store: “we don’t have that size in black, but we’ve got them in red!” me: “all my friends keep dying and there’s a funeral tomorrow.” Welp; didn’t have enough energy to be tactful or non-hyperbolic).

Got a BUNCH of walking in, since I subway-ed instead of biking today, and that felt good.

Got to RC before 3:00pm, but not by much. Had a good small chat with John. Went out with a coffee-walk group, since that was another thing to succeed at. Had a number of good small chats, talked banking (and EMV cards; my old coworkers would be proud), and talked about the immense non-technical value of RC with Kamal.

I’m not entirely sure what else I accomplished at RC. A little more SQL, I think. And we had Thursday presentations, and I went bouldering for the first time with RC folks & friends. It was both awesome and terrifying and I can’t wait to do it again and also that will require some coaxing. I had been told that it was just “grabbing rocks, and then grabbing other rocks,” but it turns out it’s also “rock climbing without any ropes, and so if you slip you just fall all the way down, but the wall is shorter.”

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