Recurse Center: week 7, day 2

CW: loss and grief and stuff

Strange day. Worked on some more Twilio resources, kept getting distracted. Felt like I’d just lost steam that I’ve been trying to find for a few days now. Then got the news that another friend had passed away (she had stage IV breast cancer, so it wasn’t unexpected, but that doesn’t make it any easier).

Unfortunately, I now have practice with “how to grief at RC,” so this time it involved asking facilitator Alli if she could help me find some tissues, and playing Gathering Sky in the library nook.

If you are having too many feelings and would rather stop putting words on them, and instead turn them into swooping and beautiful music that goes up and down (or if you just love calm art and beautiful music), I can highly recommend this game.

It would be completely awesome if no more friends died this summer.


  • What I did:
    • Started digging into the Twilio Radicalskills site, hoping it’d help me to have some more structure.
    • Had feelings.
    • Played Gathering Sky all the way through for the first time.
  • What I learned:
    • Twilio does more than I thought it did. (Video conferencing?!)
    • Grief is different every time, but has recognizable parts.
  • Questions I have:
    • Similarly to three weeks ago, “how do you figure out a doable path forward in a time of grief?” Trying to remember Tom’s suggestions fromĀ a couple weeks ago: do small things, do easy things, do structured things that don’t require you to choose what direction you’re going.

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