Recurse Center: week 9, day 2

On time for check-ins! The people for the group I signed up for weren’t there, but two other people were (all three of us missed check-ins yesterday), so we had some sort of Rebels’ Check-in and I ended up feeling really positive about it (and talking honestly about what I’ve been working on). And maybe Jeff will teach me some Python/database things, soon or after I’ve studied them some more on my own! Rad.

Had a morning of a bunch of great conversations and NO code. Welp.

But also there was AbstractSaladFactory, and I finally remembered to bring something to share.

One of the residents had shared this:

We RC’d it, whatever that means, and now it’s a semi-spontaneous “everybody who wants salad, just bring a salad ingredient,” and then we all get salad with a bunch of delicious things in it (and nothing we don’t individually want). I didn’t make enough salad for myself, and now I’m hungry again, but it was so good, and really fun to share food with people like that.

Headed back to my Udacity course, which I’m really enjoying, aside from the zoos and the fish-eating (at least it’s, like, bears eating fish; that’s fine). It is the most un-vegan MOOC I’ve ever tried, but aside from that, it’s cheerful and interactive and light on its feet.

Installed an OS X system update (ooh! adult points ++), and when restarting, I thought, “oh, some of these windows with many tabs should be closed.” In theory, this is wise; in practice, I have this problem where I forgot about the Emily McDowell tab and everything she makes is basically magic (did you hear about her amazing¬†empathy cards?). If you ever want to get me a mug or an art (I have her “I am a grown-ass lady and I do what I want” at home) or a tote bag or notepads for loving mischief or really anything, you know where to go.

Not such a code day. But went for a run after RC with RC friends (OMG! first run in several months), and then it was movie night and we watched Big Hero 6, and some days just aren’t super productive in the ways we expected.

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