Recurse Center: week 8, day 5

Came in kind of late, because I had a rough time getting up, and also I had to stop by the bike shop. Alas, my shifters did not ship out yesterday as expected, but rather today, so it won’t be done til Monday. However, he said he’d be happy to loan me a funky little three-speed if I wanted. Sounds like a good excuse for an adventure. So now I have my fancy lock on a decidedly unfancy bike, and I’m learning about this internal shifter business, and the steering is weird, and it’s good to try new things. It’ll make my bike magic-feeling on Monday, I bet.

It’s almost 4:00 and I just touched my terminal for the first time today, though. Womp womp. Have had some good conversations with folks & am attempting to hand-wave away a headache, though.

On a quest to add git status stuff to my bash prompt, I ended up in a world of mystery and git source code, like the auto-completion script.  Hot diggity.

I worked for a little bit with Tom (it’s his last day!!) on a problem I put away weeks ago (my Pebble Time watchface sometimes gets a square, instead of numbers or letters, for values like “20:00” or “Thunderstorms”), and if I make the font smaller, the problem indeed goes away. At least for the time.

The thunderstorms…that’s another issue that I’ll need to figure out how to test, too (switching my phone’s time manually was a perfect test methodology for time stuff, though).

As it turns out, what I had energy for today was 1) going to get very-late lunch/early dinner, and 2) continuing to modify my bash prompt, and starting to mostly use ANSI escape sequences for the colors:

terminal bash prompt with the command: echo 'this is the best chick party I have ever been to' and emoji of balloons and a baby chick

eta 2015-09-10: what is the above, you ask? I just realized I should add this! Bold part is the prompt itself; the rest is git fanciness that I mostly understand:

. ~/
PS1='\e[0;35m\]\t \e[0;32m\]\u@\h \e[0;33m\]\w\e[1;39m\]$(__git_ps1 " (%s)")\e[0;22m\]\n🎈 🎈 🎈 🐣 🎈 🎈 🎈 '

# magic git command completions
source ~/.git-completion.bash
source ~/

I also got my git status added in (see above), after a butt-ton of googling and trying things and wondering why things didn’t work and trying other things (there are various pieces of advice/instruction, and most of them rely on you knowing a bunch of stuff they don’t explain. I’m not sure I could even follow my path backward, now, but it works!).

I can’t believe I’m hoping for another air quality advisory just so I can easily write and test some code to print that in my weather script.

It’s also karaoke night, so it’s time to get my song on.

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