Recurse Center: week 8, day 3

Got in a tiny smidge early, and sat quietly in one of the new beanbags for a bit & looked at the books. Had nice quick check-ins (yay! my favorite). Felt like I actually had something to report, which was weird and neat.

Ended up re-intrigued by the bookshelves right afterwards, and fell into a book called Hipster Business Models. I think I meant to be annoyed? But it was a new book and I couldn’t resist and I fell into reading about a dude who made Yoga Joes (for various reasons that are well beyond “just because,” he wanted to make little army dudes doing yoga poses), and then read about a bunch of interesting, successful, strange little ventures all over the place. (The library here is amazing. I already almost miss it. Even if one spent one’s whole batch reading books one found interesting, there’d be so much left unturned.)

Had largely worked my way backwards through the book, and then discovered the table of contents, which listed something about…Hacker School. Of course! And so I learned some more things about how this strange, amazing place came to be.

Some non-zero hours later, I emerged in search of food or computers. It was one of the most satisfying mornings I’ve had in a long, long time, though, and I’m hoping I can remember that.

Had coloring club again, and we took it to the coffeeshop, and I made a postcard (blank postcards! so good! you can write on them and make a tiny art and then send it somewhere!), and then I came back.

Worked on my tiny weather utility a little bit more, and actually got some functions pulled out to do some things (instead of a just-go-down-the-page-and-do-all-the-things program, which it previously was).

So fun! It now prints out current weather for RC, or a few other places I’ve defined. I love it.

Heading to Hack && Tell tonight; excited to hear people talk about things they’re excited about.

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