Recurse Center: week 2, day 4

How is it the end of the standard week already?

Started in on LPTHW exercise 27, which starts with the darling phrase “Today is the day you start learning about logic.” It also includes the demand “I want you to do this exercise for an entire week. Do not falter,” which, again, I am gleefully ignoring.

Used Distract-O-Vision to get through all of several exercises. I can’t quite do them in my sleep anymore, but I’m not really getting tripped up by anything yet, which is a nice feeling.

Realized I was bored, and remembered that I’ve wanted to see how hard it is to make a Pebble app/watchface (I really, really love my Pebble Time, and I loved my first-gen Pebble before it, too). They’ve even got Cloudpebble, a Pebble development environment in the cloud, so I didn’t have to hassle with ANYTHING on my machine. They’ve also got a terrific tutorial, so I jumped right in.

Things that were true about this experience:

  • By the time I got a blank screen successfully loading on my watch, I had an unstoppable grin stuck on my face.
  • I have now technically written some C(++? I’m not sure which it is).
  • That’s my first non-interpreted language code ever!
  • I half-regret taking lunch partway through this — food is important to continue thinking, but it kinda wrecked my flow.
  • I went way down the “look at fonts” rabbit hole, but eventually found some that I liked.
  • I made silly art for the background.
  • I now have a very simple watchface that I built myself: 


I kinda want to make it more awesome (unanswered questions: why does 20:00 appear as 20:□? Why does 20:40 do the same thing?), and I also want to keep up on my Python, so I’m thinking this might give me some productive things that can each distract from each other.

Whee! I would be surprised if the weekend goes by without any further play with this.

2 thoughts on “Recurse Center: week 2, day 4”

  1. Was going to say “Nice font!” when I saw the tweet about this, then got distracted. So…hey, nice font!! Not to mention, NICE APP, woohoo, muppet flail. I am at once jealous of your adventure and content to merely hear about it. Keep up the great work, both the adventure and the telling of it!

    1. Thank you! I’m excited to see what else I can learn along these lines, and continue not getting lost in the rabbit holes of font choices. 🙂

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