Notes from 1 October, 2015: alumni Thursdays & soba

Happy October! I’m at the Recurse Center for alumni Thursdays, and it’s lovely. There are a TON of new faces and several familiar ones, and it’s a nice space to inhabit on our last full day in New York.

Led a large lunch excursion to Corcoron Soba, which might be the only thing I really wish I could just pack up and bring with usĀ (it doesn’t appear the website has been updated in ages, but whatever). It’s Japanese food with more than two full pages of vegan options. Vegan dip soba! I didn’t even know dip soba was a thing. There’s also this soba no kabayaki, which is apparently someone going “what if we made this eel dish out of soba?” So it’s a buckwheat pancake with nori on one side, and it’s fried and crispy on the outside and melty-soft on the inside, and it’s magic.

Want to do a bunch of little errands before hitting the road. Worried I’m not going to get any actual code things done.

But then, code will be there next week, and the week after. The people will be far away quite soon. (Also known as “now” because I’m finishing this up on Monday, in Iowa City, IA, and all my summer people are quite far away indeed.)

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