2016 resolutions

Send at least birthday cards, and maybe presents, to all family members. On time. (I already slipped on this, with my mom’s birthday on the 4th. In my defense, I planned to drive up and surprise her, and then we had an ice storm.)

Learn the names of the service people I regularly interact with

Together with Nathan, maintain our so-far flawless streak of leaving the country at least once a year. (PyCon being in Montréal the past couple years made this dead simple; we’re going to have to do more planning this time.)

Start working somewhere new in a role that feels sustainable.

Practice French as regularly as possible (maybe even daily!). I’m way out of practice but already have a new seven-day streak on Duolingo. Waffling on whether to start a class at the Alliance Française; it would be fun to have the structure and the community again. (edit before posting: I did it! I’m taking an advanced class, and we’re gonna talk about wine, and the teacher is an excellent one I’ve had before.)

I would say go chill in nature all the dang time, but honestly I don’t know how we’d NOT camp and hike a bunch more this year. We’ve already been hiking this year, and it was a blast.


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